Learn more about Kenya Sportbet betting platform

The first impression of the Sportbet website is that it is pretty tough to start. From the home page, users have to click several times to get to the actual betting section. The bookmaker link on the home page takes you to a section full of news and articles.

However, once you get to the sportsbook section on the Sportbet website, navigation becomes seamless. You can quickly find the sport you like, access odds, and get anything you need to be a successful bettor.

The only thing missing on the Sportbet app is the link to the in-play action. The link, if introduced, will allow users to get into the betting action faster without searching through many events.

Sportbet signin process

The betting service gets accessed via a computer or mobile device. You do not have to download an application to access the mobile version. The mobile and desktop platforms are the same. The only difference is that the mobile version is smaller. Both platforms offer the same sports, markets, and betting services.

Learn more about Kenya Sportbet betting platform

Another notable difference is in the casino section of the Sportbet platform. The mobile version has fewer games than the desktop site.

Steps followed when signing in.

You must have opened an account to be able to sign in at the Sportbet betting site. Becoming a member requires being eighteen years old and having an email address. So, if you are already registered, below are the steps you follow to access your account:

  1. Load the website and locate the sign-in button at the upper right section of the home page.
  2. Provide the details required: email address and password.
  3. Click the login option to access your account.

The sign-in process is the same for both desktop and mobile platforms. Better still, users can sign in directly using the following social media accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter 

Clicking any of the above sign-in options brings a window where you enter your username and password.

How to sign in if you have forgotten your password

  • You start by loading the Sportbet website and locating the sign-in button.
  • Clicking on the sign-in option brings a window where you enter your email address and password. Since you don’t remember the password, click on the forgot password below the window.
  • Another window will appear, prompting you to provide your email address.
  • The following step is to click on the reset password option.
  • The website will send you a new password which you will use to sign into your account.

Get help signing into the Sportbet website.

If, after resetting your password, you are still unable to access your account, contact the support team. The betting company has an excellent team of support agents who work around the clock to ensure customers do not get stuck.